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It’s officially Fall here in Florida (I wore long sleeves for the first time in forever!) and it’s Tuesday and so it’s time to join up with Patty from My No-Guilt Life, Erika from MCM Mama Runs and me for Tuesdays on the Run.

Today’s topic is Cold Weather Running Tips.  Um, did I mention I live in Florida?  Where I get hives if I run in temperatures below fifty degrees?  I have no cold weather running tips.  Maybe move to Florida for the winter!  So instead, I’ll take the opportunity I offer to you all every week and I’ll switch to a subject more up my alley.

You probably already know that I love am addicted to SparkleSkirts.  I have a series of posts about them that you can catch up on here:

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SparkleSkirts FAQ: Custom Orders

I was chatting on e-mail with Leah Powell, the owner and wearer-of-many-hats at SparkleSkirts and got some updates that I wanted to share.  Here’s my interview:

Q.  Custom orders were so much fun.  I know you had to shut them down a few months ago, any news on when they will open again?

A.  We are taking in custom orders now…just be aware that it could take up to 12 weeks to get a custom skirt, so if someone has a particular themed race coming up soon, they may not be able to get it in time.  We do our level best, of course, but we also try to keep it fair and take all the orders as they come in, so no one can “cut in line”.  The SSHQ in-house sewing team is growing, and these ladies are the ones who create the beautiful custom skirts for us.

Q. What about team orders?  I know those were crazy popular with a lot of groups and I love wearing the one I have, it’s one of my favorites!

In my favorite team skirt!

A. Team orders are still closed until we get rolling with the new sewing facility in Winter Haven.  We are just now starting to cut and sew team orders that were in the queue way back in May.  Also, we have contracted with some sewing ladies in a nearby community who will sew our TEAM skirts!  We still have to do the layout and cutting, so it will still take us a while to catch up, but at least we are have made the turn around the toughest corner!

SSHQ Sewing Director Lady Mary working on a team order.

SSHQ Sewing Director Lady Mary working on a team order.

Q. Will I see you at the upcoming runDisney Expos for Wine & Dine and WDW Marathon Weekend?

A. We are excited to be heading to the Wine & Dine Expo soon!  Like last year, we won’t be in the WDW Marathon Weekend Expo due to cost and logistics.  Instead, we are going to have our Open House again.  We save so much money by holding our own “show” at SSHQ that we can pass some savings on to customers!  At expos, where the booths cost thousands of dollars, we have to pay Disney Retail Fees and carry liability insurance, so we cannot give expo discounts (very often).

Q. Speaking of discounts, I know the discount at the Tower of Terror Expo was very popular!  Will you be repeating that discount at the Wine & Dine Expo?

A. We gave a 10% discount at Tower of Terror through the iGift program, but the only way we were able to afford that is because Disney gave us the program for free because we got rained out at Expedition Everest.

Q. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about a change in the way the crotch gusset is being sewn, although I haven’t gotten a new skirt in a while so I haven’t gotten to try it out myself.  Can you give me some background on why that decision was made?

 A.  Well, from the start, I had wanted a wide, angled crotch gusset, (one that would still allow the skirt to be worn backwards) but my attorney found out that there was a patent on my exact design from 1890!!!!  Lo and behold, that patent expired a few weeks ago, so we now have it (as patent-pending).  So…all of our new skirts are being made with the new crotch.  We’re always trying to make improvements in our design and process!

Just wanted to share the updates with other SparkleSisters (and brothers).  Now that customs are open again, I know I have a few in the hopper that I’ll be sending in!  If you’ve never tried SparkleSkirts, you may want to stop by an Expo and give them a try.  Between the shorts that don’t ride up (really!), the flattering choices of styles and the pockets that you can stuff with just about everything, they are worth a try!

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SparkleSkirts Updates — 21 Comments

    • I love running in them! They have different lengths and styles too, so you might want to try one on at an expo one day!

  1. I’ve actually never worn a running skirt! I keep saying that I will try one, but I never have and now that its getting cold it probably won’t happen until next spring. Maybe I will look into buying one in the winter if I can find one on sale!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Training FlashbacksMy Profile

    • I know some Northern runners will wear compression leggings under the skirt (and shorts) and it seems to work for them in the winter. I’ve never tried, in Florida just adding a pair of compression socks seems to do the trick.

    • What really sold me on them at first was the fact that the legs really don’t ride up. Everything else is awesome, but the glory of running without constantly having to hike down my shorts or wear capris in the summer is the true beauty of these skirts!

  2. My love/hate relationship with Sparkle Skirts is around their styles. I don’t like the swings and there aren’t as many made in the slim style. I like that I’m not tempted to keep buying them, but I don’t like that certain fabric patterns are only in swing.
    Jen recently posted…Countdown!My Profile

    • You can always get a slim cut made in a custom fabric! I wish I could wear the slims but my behind is way too generously proportioned!

    • I think you’ll love them if you give them a try. They’re at most runDisney Expos and their headquarters is in Lakeland, FL. Definitely a great company and a high quality and fun product!

    • Definitely look into them, they are crazy flattering and comfortable. And the three different styles give you some options on tight vs. loose and longer vs shorter which is nice. And there are even more options if you go the custom route.

    • I know a lot of people do run with tights or compression leggings underneath, but I’ve never had to give it a try. Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. I tried a Sparkle Skirt, but I wasn’t completely happy. I love the shorts (they were awesome), but I think I bought the wrong cut. I bought a swing, and it kept bunching between my legs. I spent most of my run pulling it out. I guess I need a slim cut, but I can’t justify buying another one in case I don’t like it.
    Angie recently posted…It’s time for Wine and Dine!My Profile

    • Did you ever sell the one that didn’t work for you? They actually keep their resale value really well and there are a couple of Facebook fan groups where the process is quite easy. That makes me more likely to try out new styles or colors I’m not sure of because I know if they don’t work for me I can resell for almost what I paid. Definitely try on a slim cut to see what you think!