Stormalong Bay Pool at Disney’s Beach and Yacht Club

We spend a lot of time at the Swan and Dolphin and really love its proximity to Disneys BoardWalk and to both Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  When walking around the area, we often stop and admire the amazing pool complex better known as Stormalong Bay at Disney’s Beach and Yacht Club. After our last trip, I decided I really wanted my family to get to enjoy Stormalong Bay pool, so I did some research and found a great nightly rate at Disney’s Yacht Club for an upcoming Friday night.  Our plans were to head down Friday morning, eat lunch at Beaches & Cream and play at Stormalong Bay all afternoon, followed by Saturday at Blizzard Beach.  IMG_3988_2We parked and were greeted by a Cast Member at the resort front door who immediately checked us in to our room.  I was interested to learn that the printed parking passes are no longer given out; Magic Bands are now the way to get into the parking lot and to park for free at the theme parks.  That will also help the online check-in work a little smoother, with no need to stop by the front desk to check in.

We dropped our luggage off in our room and were really happy with the gorgeous room and the great view.  IMG_3934Because Alex was with us on this trip, it was really convenient to have the day bed! IMG_3930I loved the details, like the corner shelf by the bed, the Mickey on the lamp and the hidden Mickeys throughout the room.  IMG_3935IMG_3931_2IMG_3939_2

IMG_3952Not to mention this always sure sign that you’re in a fancy-pants resort…  A phone in the bathroom! IMG_3922I always love the luxe H2O toiletries in the deluxe resorts too.  IMG_3925We were on the first floor and had a sliding glass door and a patio overlooking the boardwalk.  IMG_3946_2IMG_3950After a quick lunch at Beaches & Cream, we changed into our bathing suits and started exploring Stormalong Bay Pool.  Because the pool is so popular, they have Cast Members stationed at the entrances to the pool who scan your Magic Band to make sure you’re actually a hotel guest.

IMG_3962There are a few separate pools and some that interconnect.  From Disney’s Yacht Club, the first pool you come to is perfect for little ones or for grown-ups who just want to relax.  The most amazing thing about this one (and most of them actually) is that it has a sandy bottom.  I have no idea how they do it, but there is a thick layer of soft sand on the pool bottom and it is piled up in one area so that there is an area of dry sand complete with buckets and shovels for the little ones to play with.  It’s a fairly shallow area; I think Eli could touch the bottom in almost all parts of that pool.  While we explored all of the areas, we did gravitate back to this pool throughout the afternoon.  It was like relaxing in the shallows at the beach, but without the waves, sharks and jellyfish!

IMG_3963The next pool is the lazy river.  There are signs warning that it is deep (6′ or deeper in most areas) but somehow I didn’t totally process that info and got a bit surprised as I dropped underwater.  There are plenty of inner tubes floating in this area, so make sure to grab one as you get in.  If you have little ones, you’ll want to make sure that they are strong swimmers or have flotation devices or life vests (available for free us at several locations in the pool complex) because if they fall off the tube, it’s hard to handle them when you can’t touch the bottom yourself. IMG_4002There’s a lovely elevated area with a pool table and lots of lawn chairs that overlooks the pools and the slide area.  the next pool area has a few hidden waterfalls that are fun to splash under.  IMG_3999There is also an amazing waterslide that is themed to look like a shipwreck.  You have to cross the boardwalk and climb up a spiral staircase.  There’s a very friendly Cast Member sitting at the top who lets you know when it’s safe to go down.  I went alone the first time to make sure that it wasn’t too intense for Eli and while it was bigger and faster than a typical pool waterslide, he ended up loving it.  It even has two waterfalls that splash you as you go down. IMG_3996The pool that the slide empties into also connects to Eli’s absolute favorite part of Stormalong Bay Pool…  The whirlpool!  They designed this area of the pool to make a natural whirlpool and Eli just loved whirling around and around in the pool.  IMG_4014Another great feature of this pool is the free lockers that are located near Beaches and Cream.  They’re designed to let you set your own code to lock up any personal items that you’d like to have nearby but safely stored.  I do wish I had taken a waterproof camera!  IMG_4024While Disney’s Beach and Yacht Club are a bit out of our normal budget range, it was definitely worth the stretch to spend a night there just to be able to explore the wonderful pool complex! IMG_4025Tell me: what’s your favorite Disney Resort pool?

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Stormalong Bay Pool at Disney’s Beach and Yacht Club — 6 Comments

    • Yeah, that was a bit shocking. It’s kind of nice that you can swim around the lazy river without a tube and without your feet dragging the ground but it does make it hard to take smaller kids in the pool and it seems a bit unsafe for non-strong swimmers if their tube flips or something.

    • It’s such a fun and relaxing pool. It’s easy to spend a whole day just exploring it!

    • Glad you enjoyed it, it was a lot of fun! I likely won’t be returning soon, but I’m so glad we were able to enjoy it once!