Sunday Update – 05/12/13

Weight: 170.2

Yes, still.  The good news is that I’ve lost the three pounds I added while having a gluttonous good time at Disney last weekend.  Think fried shrimp, cupcakes (yes, multiple), Yak & Yeti and Via Napoli…  So, I’m back to the plateau.

I did restart Weight Watchers this past Tuesday and have done well, but am feeling very hungry at night.  Last night I even dreamed that I was in the kitchen looking at food but unable to eat it although I was starving.  That’s almost as bad as dreaming about work!

I also weaned the toddler completely this week.  It’s strange to realize I don’t have to worry about monitoring what I eat or drink to protect the baby toddler any more.  I can have OTC medicine, dairy and –wait for it– alcohol!  I’m really hoping that the hormone changes from no longer nursing will help me lose the last thirty pounds.

After getting completely exhausted between the Expedition Everest 5k and Scavenger Hunt and touring the parks with a toddler, my legs protested any exercising on Monday and Tuesday, but I did get back to running on Wednesday.

Wednesday – 5k in 29:25
Thursday – Circuit Training Class – 1 hour
Friday – The Firm Cardio Sculpt workout – 1 hour
Saturday – 10k in 1:01:52 (PR, Yay!)

My legs are a mess today.  I think two days of lots of squats in a row was a little more challenging than they are used to.

This week, I plan to run 3x, do circuit training class and do at least one other cross training workout (dvd or swim?).  I will also stick to tracking my Weight Watcher points.  I am currently using all my daily points, all my activity points and some of my weekly points.  I will do that next week too and see if I can lose weight or if I need to cut back and use less weekly points. 

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