So You Want To Be A Princess? 2015 Update

So you want to be a princess?  You’ve seen pictures from prior runDisney Princess Half races, or someone you know has run the race, or maybe you just happened to be in the parks during race weekend and saw all the proud, limping runners sporting their shiny medals.  Maybe you’re thinking it looks like an amazing experience (it is!) but that you couldn’t do it (you can!).  Or maybe you kind of want to try … Continue reading

runDisney Princess Weekend – Kids Races

The last part of my Princess weekend recap is the Kids Races.  For the 2014 Princess Half, the Kids Races were offered on Friday and Saturday.  We picked Saturday since I was doing the 10k already on Saturday morning, I figured it would give us Thursday and Friday in the parks without any official race events to conflict.  I think it worked out really well, we were able to make rope drop (which Erik calls … Continue reading

runDisney Princess Weekend – Princess Half Race Recap

Settle in, this is a long one.  But there are lots of pictures, so enjoy! After the 10k and Kids Races on Saturday, I did resist the temptation to go to the theme parks with Erik and Eli because I knew I needed to rest up before the Half the next morning.  We did head over to Downtown Disney using all the forms possible of Disney transportation.  For a three-year old, that’s even better than … Continue reading

runDisney Princess Weekend – Enchanted 10k Race Recap

On Friday, my plan was to go to Animal Kingdom in the morning with Erik and Eli (Alex decided he was “over” Disney and stayed home with my mom instead – it’s not easy being 14), eat lunch at Yak & Yeti (our favorite!) and then stay at the hotel to rest up for the race.  As Erik and Eli were getting ready to head over to the Magic Kingdom for the evening, I couldn’t … Continue reading

Disney Princess Half 2013 – Part 4 : The RACE!

Part 1 – Just Getting There Part 2 – RunDisney Meetup Part 3 – RunZilla (and the Expo) Sunday morning, I had my alarm set for 2:15am.  The buses to the race started running at 3am and I wanted to be on the first one.  I’d read horror stories about bus drivers getting lost and traffic jams and I didn’t want that stress.  I woke up at 12:48am and thought the clock said 2:48 and … Continue reading

Disney Princess Half 2013 – Part 3 : RunZilla

Part 1 – Just Getting There Part 2 – RunDisney Meetup After the Meetup, I walked through the still closed countries and re-entered the real world.  It was sad to cross that rope back into Future World of Epcot.  I met up with my family and we spent the rest of the morning enjoying Epcot. Unfortunately, I seemed to kind of have a let down after the meetup.  I was still excited about the race, … Continue reading

Disney Princess Half 2013 – Part 2: RunDisney Meetup

Part 1 – Just Getting There The one good thing about having a two year old who apparently only needs 4 hours of sleep per night is that oversleeping isn’t a high risk issue.  I set two alarms just to be sure, but Eli wakes up at 5am like clockwork (and 10pm, and midnight, and 3am and 4 am) so I figured I’d be safe without a wake up call scheduled.  Waking up went smoothly, … Continue reading

Disney Princess Half 2013 – Part 1: Just Getting There!

Sorry for being offline for a few weeks, things have been craaazzzyyy around here!  So, without further ado, here is the next chapter.  Oh, one further ado:  if you’re super easily offended, there may be too much TMI here, but that will probably happen repeatedly on this blog, so this might be the time to bail… After I found out that I somehow, someway managed to get into the coveted, super-exclusive RunDisney meetup (can you … Continue reading