RoadID – Be Safe Out There

As a worrier, sometimes it is tempting to try to stay safe all the time, but that’s not possible (you never know where a meteor is going to land, right?) and it’s really no way to enjoy life.  Risk is out there, you just have to be smart. Running outside is not as safe as indoor running, but it sure is a lot more fun.  If I had to do my running on a treadmill, … Continue reading

Getting Faster Isn’t So Easy

Now that I’m done celebrating finishing four half marathons in four months, it’s time to refocus on getting faster.  I can squeak out a 5k in less than 30 minutes and I’ve done a 10k in under an hour in training but never in a race.  When I get any longer than that, I can’t seem to maintain my speed. I was hoping to be able to finish the Gate River Run 15k in under … Continue reading

Glass Slipper Challenge – Costume Reveals

While I’ll probably never actually top our Club 33 enchanted china costumes, I am not going to give up and just start running in boring outfits!  So, for the Glass Slipper Challenge I wanted to come up with two costumes that were a little different but fun. Going with the Cinderella theme, I decided to go as Cindy in rags for the 10k on Saturday.  This was my inspiration: My original plan was to do … Continue reading

Jeff Galloway, I Never Should Have Left You

I used the Jeff Galloway run/walk interval method for the whole first year of my training and did the Princess Half last year using five minute run, one minute walk intervals.  And then, after I recovered, I spent the spring and summer building up my endurance so I could run without any walk intervals.  It helped me get my 5k time under 30 minutes and I really enjoyed the zoning out I could find when … Continue reading