The Race Day Bag for a runDisney Race

Lots of bigger races allow you to check a bag before you line up to run and usually you’re not too far from your car, so your checked bag can contain just a few essentials like car keys and chocolate almond milk.

For a runDisney race, what to put in your checked bag (or the bag you have your friends and family bring to meet you at the finish line) is a little more complicated.  If you’re planning to go straight from the finish line into the parks either for an after-party at one of the night races (Wine & Dine, Tower of Terror or Expedition Everest) or just to have fun after a morning race, the contents of that bag can make or break your post-race experience.

For Wine & Dine, my husband will be meeting me at the finish line with a bag containing:

  • Comfy hiking shoes
  • A clean pair of compression socks
  • A full clean outfit – t-shirt, running skirt, underwear, bra (this is what I didn’t have after PHM and I wished I had) (trust me on the underwear tip!)
  • Jacket if it is cold (unlikely but you never know)
  • Advil
  • Biofreeze 
  • Chapstick (if I don’t carry it in the race)
  • Chocolate almond milk
  • Wet wipes/baby wipes for a quick clean up
  • Deodorant
  • Bandaids/blister bandaids
  • Money, credit card, ID
  • Gallon sized zip lock bags to put my stinky running clothes in

I don’t think I need any snacks since we’ll be having lots of treats at the after-party.   OK, what am I missing? 


The Race Day Bag for a runDisney Race — 6 Comments

    • I use my runDisney bag as my gym bag so I get to use it every day :). It’s perfect and it’s held up to regular use pretty well!

  1. i also keep some glucose tabs in my bag, a couple pantiliners and a tampon just in case, and a full blister kit in case i have to do some emergency foot surgery.