The Run That Almost Wasn’t

Here are all the reasons I almost didn’t go for my run this morning:

  1. I did a brand new Jillian Micheals DVD yesterday and my hamstrings are killing me.
  2. Eli slept like crap last night so I’m exhausted.
  3. I might have a sinus infection.  I have no medical evidence for this, it’s probably just me being a hypochondriac.  
  4. I haven’t run more than 3 miles at a time since Wine & Dine on December 1.
  5. Each of those 3 mile runs were painful slogs.
  6. It was cool and drizzly and looked all dreary out.  
  7. I can’t find my compression socks.
  8. I can’t find one complete pair of running socks.
  9. I really need to work on my blog.
  10. I really need to work on finalizing my Tink travel plans.
  11. I really need do do some meal planning.
  12. My house is a mess.
  13. I’ve got some Dr. Who to catch up on.
  14. Um, I really just didn’t want to.

But instead, I put on my old compression sleeves and a two different running socks, my black linen sparkle tech and my W&D meetup shirt and got out there.  It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t pretty, but my goal was to finish 6-8 miles and I was thrilled to be able to get 8 done. 

It’s really easy to listen to all those reasons why you shouldn’t get out the door to run, to find a new job, to go back to school, to join a club or start a new business.  And yes, if you stay behind closed doors, on the couch you’ll be pretty safe from mishaps and discomfort and pain for the moment.  But you also miss out the excitement and beauty in the world. You miss out on learning what you can do if you push through the fear and inertia and discomfort and pain. 

I don’t always succeed, but at least for today I was able to drown out those voices that tried to tell me to stay home by yelling out my reasons for getting out there. 


The Run That Almost Wasn’t — 13 Comments

  1. Good for you for getting out there 🙂 I always try and force myself out there when I don’t want to and I usually feel better for it 🙂 Hope you find your socks soon!

  2. Its like you are in my head LOL. I think it is funny how both of us haven’t matched up socks. I have done a 4 mile run…woot woot…today, just did 35 minutes. In the rain. First time in a couple weeks…and THAT is about to change.

    • Great job getting out today. I’ve found that skipping my midweek short runs really impacts my weekend long runs, so no more skipped runs! I’ve got Tink right around the corner, so I’ve got to get a 10 miler at least in next weekend. I’m feeling a little better about it now, though I’m still scared of the 10k and Half back to back. I have NOT been training for that and I really should have been!

  3. Whoohoo! Glad you just got out there and did it. I ran 9 today for the first time and that last mile I thought I might die. I finally learned what chafing is and my knees feel like they are going to fall off. Is it normal to HURT while running? I’m scared now!

    • Great job getting 9 in!! Chafing is NOT fun. I get it around my bra strap and always find it in the shower…ouch! I think body glide or anything like that will help, I’m just too lazy or optimistic to bother and then I pay for it later. And sometimes, yes it is normal to hurt while running. My feet usually go through some painful stages during a long run, but it passes. My knees don’t hurt but lots of other body parts do on and off during my runs. You’re doing awesome and you are going to make it! And run through the castle! And finish strong!

    • Thanks April, I needed that! Yes, I got some bra chafing too, which I have never had. I love my sports bra that I have but cannot find it anymore so I’m on the lookout and this makes it even more important to find a good fit.