Tinkerbell 10k and Half Costume Planning

My husband has suggested that the only reason I’ve stuck with running over the last 18 months is so that I have an excuse to go to Disney a lot and run around in fun costumes.  And, I can’t say he’s completely wrong.

So, with the addition of the 10k races to both Tink and Princess Half Marathon weekends, my costume needs doubled.  I’m always on the lookout for great costume ideas for inspiration.  My requirements are that the costume is Disney themed, not too unflattering, and is very comfortable for running.  For me, that means that the costume has to be based around a sparkleskirt because that’s all I ever train in (read why here).

If you don’t have your costume ready for Tink yet, don’t panic!  Here are some great costumes from past runDisney races for inspiration.

A costume can be as simple as a sparkly skirt and a themed top.

Jonna H. at DDD
Deanna S. at PHM

Me at Expedition Everest 5k

Or you can add a tutu with a cute hairdo and matching compression socks for a really adorable look!

Sarah E. at DDD

 Group costumes make a great outfit into something extra special.

Debbie K. at DL 1/2
Mouseketeer Sharon G. at DDD

 Sometimes a little detailed embellishment makes the costume.

Sandra G. at DDD

Minnie mouse is always a favorite and everyone puts their own unique touch on it.

Brenda S. & Debbie M. at PHM

 And Mickey often can be seen in company of his sweetheart.

Emily D. at Tink Half

 There are lots of Disney Princesses to choose from.

Yanni R. as Rapunzel
Valerie P. as Merida at PHM
Cherie S. as Cinderella at DDD

Mary D. at W&D as Cinderella
Debbie K. as Ariel at DL 1/2
Kim L. as Snow White at PHM

Character costumes make for great photo ops when you find your match!

Andrea N. as Tigger! at DL Half
Melissa E. from 13goingoncrazy.com

And no one is limited by gender roles!  You’ll see men dressed as princesses and women dressed as Buzz, Woody, Tigger, Peter Pan (and even Animal! in my case)!  And they all look great!

Meredith S. as Buzz at W&D
Me as Animal from the Muppets at W&D
Leslie & Bill M. as Ariel and Snow White at PHM

 And nobody says you have to dress like a good girl, there are some great villain costumes out there!

Patty H. as Drizella at PHM

For a lot of races, runners will choose a costume that “goes” with the race theme.  For the Tink 10k and Half, the one costume that you can’t go wrong with is Tink herself!

Melissa E. from 13goingoncrazy.com
Photo credit: runDisney

So, with all this inspiration (if you still need more, check out my Pinterest board where I collected lots more ideas or the ever creative Running Costumes Facebook group), I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m wearing to the Tink Half and 10k.  I’m actually pretty excited about it!  For the first time in my runDisney running career, I’m participating in two group costumes!  For the Half, I’m going as Fawn, the orange fairy.

Photo credit: Disney

I’ll have my hair up in a high braid and although I have a LOT of hair, I may weave into my braid some yarn or something to give me a super long braid like Fawn has.  I’ve got an orange tech shirt top and crazy tie dyed orange leggings (please don’t be too hot!) that I’m pairing with a brown sparkleskirt (Mudpie).

My biggest decision on this one was wings or no wings.  Because it’s a half marathon, I’m going with no wings.  There are some good ways to secure them, but after a 10k the day before, I doubt I’ll have the energy to mess with a cumbersome accessory.  I’m meeting up with five other runners who are each dressing as one of the fairies.  We have a Tinkerbell (of course), a Rosetta, a Vidia, Silvermist, Iridessa and (me) Fawn.  We’ll be meeting up before the run for some group pictures (This picture is NOT us!  I’ll update this after the race with our actual group shot!).

Photo credit: Disney

For the 10K, I was unsure of what to wear until just a few weeks ago.  A blogger buddy, Patty at Margaritas, Miles and the Mouse, brought up the fact that she was still unsure of what she was going to wear and everyone started throwing out ideas.  Because this is going to be my first trip to Disneyland and I’m a *little* Disney obsessed, I wanted to do something specific to Disneyland.  I’d recently seen a show about Club 33 in Disneyland (if you want to know more about Club 33, check out Patty’s post here) and thought a Club 33 themed costume would be fun.  Patty took it to the next level by suggesting we do a group costume based on Club 33’s china pattern.  Sarah and Yanni will also be joining us, so we’ll be a complete “4 place setting” of the china.

Here’s a concept sketch by yours truly (don’t laugh, I’m an accountant, not an artist!).

So, ideas are nice and all, but how to make our ideas into a workable (and more importantly, runnable!) costume?  That’s where Miranda (check out her work here) and Vicky (check out her work here) came in.  I ordered four navy tech shirts and had them shipped to Miranda who designed, ordered and ironed on the iconic Club 33 symbol to both the front and back (in gold outlined in white for pizazz!).  Vicky took our idea of a white sparkletech skirt (for comfort and pockets!) and designed and created an overlay that wraps around the waist and connects with velcro.  They both are so talented and did amazing work.  Everyone turned me down on the idea of incorporating the animatronic vulture into our costume somehow, though!  Here is an updated group shot from the Tink 10k:

The encouragement to wear fun costumes is one of the many things that makes a runDisney race so magical.  There aren’t too many ways for grown adults to dress up and act silly, and I think that’s a shame because we tend to take ourselves way too seriously.  Don’t be whimsy-deficient!  Try dressing up for your next race, even if it’s just a fun accessory (tiaras are great!) or funky compression socks.  And don’t let anyone tell you that a serious runner can’t wear a little extra something for fun during a race.  Here’s Rachel Booth who has won the Princess Half several times, wearing some extra sparkle while accepting her glass slipper award!

Photo credit: runDisney

Share:  What is your favorite race costume?  Any interesting new ones in the works?

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  1. OMG, you guys are going to look AWESOME!!!!!! I love it! So so unique, and gorgeous…and you still get you wear your sparkle! LOL. The fairies will be so cute as well, I cannot wait to see your pics, I’m going to be stalking you like a mad woman. Maybe you and me should dress like twinkies for a race in the future. Bwahahahaaaa!

    • Thanks, I’m so excited about it! I’m still amazed we were all able to pull it off, it was absolutely a group effort! We should definitely do a twinkie costume for a race soon. Are you doing the 10k and Half at PHM?

    • Just the half THIS time! LOL…I’m already planning for GSC in 2015! I knew when I signed up that I would be able to do the 10K but worried that doing the challenge would take a little away from my first half marathon, so I decided to wait and do the GSC in 2015 and just the PHM in 2014! Twinkies…or tweedledee & tweedledum since they are Disney-twinkies! 😉

    • I’m really excited to meet Yanni and Sarah in person. Patti and I go way back to the cool kids table at the PHM meetup! 😉

  2. April, I really can’t get over how much I love those Club 33 costumes. Great post and great pictures – makes me want to step up my game with the race wear!

    • Thanks so much! I’m still a little amazed by them too, we went from idea to concept to actual costumes really really quickly! It was absolutely a group effort from start to finish!

    • Thanks! I tried the full outfit on last night and I LOVE it!! I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to top it, though! I’m sure I’ll be over-sharing while at Disneyland as usual!

    • Thanks so much, I really consider it advanced cos-play (did I do that right?), because you’re not just dressing up, you’re having to do it in something you can run and sweat in! And no, I wouldn’t be able to runDisney nearly as often if I didn’t live 150 miles away. This Tink trip will likely be the only one for a long time, so I plan on enjoying it.

  3. So much more than wings April! I am in awe of your Club 33 outfit, and your princess line-up is spectacular. Thanks for the inspiration and for joining the hop!!

    • Thanks, I had a lot of help. The Sparkleskirts Princesses were so generous and creative and the Club 33 effort was a group effort! I’m really excited about debuting it this weekend!