TotR: 2015 Goals Update

I’m hoping that Patty from My No-Guilt Life and Erika from MCM Mama Runs have better news to report than I do for today’s Tuesdays on the Run topic: 2015 Goals Update.

goals2015updatedBack in January, we all shared our goals for 2015 (here are mine) and six months later, we’re revisiting them to see how we did.  Here are the goals I set for this year and how I’ve done so far (spoiler alert…not so well!):

  • Get Faster.  Nope.  Not yet.  My running has been sporadic this year so far.  I do have “a plan” for still meeting this goal in the second half of the year.
  • Get To My Weight Goal.  Nope.  I’ve gained this year so far.  Paleo didn’t work for me at all (too restrictive).  I am doing Weight Watchers and tracking points.  It seems like every time I get some momentum, something external happens to give me an excuse to get off track.  Illness, Eli’s procedure, eight million trips to Disney World…
  • Get Stronger.  I’ve had a few good months of consistent training, but stopped for a while.  I am restarting this up as we speak!
  • Stay Hydrated.  I did awesome while I was on Paleo, but not so well otherwise.  I know I feel so much better when I’m drinking plenty of water!
  • Take Vitamins.  Another nope!  Ugh, this one is so easy!
  • Find Adventure.  We have done a lot more trips to the beach, the springs, Disney and local parks.  I’ve got quite a few races on the calendar for the fall and winter, including a trip to Anaheim!  I want to work out a way for us to make it on some out-of-state nature adventures next spring or summer.

So, while I’m not particularly proud of my progress this year, I feel like taking a step back this year in my running and writing has allowed me to really reassess and refocus.  It will continue to be a challenge to work my fitness into a demanding and stressful work schedule and to have to strength to deal with fatigue, stress, frustration and sadness without turning to food.  I have a beautiful vision of how I want my life to be and I know the steps to get there.motivation150

I’ve restarted tracking my Weight Watchers points this week (yes, again) and I ran yesterday.  One day at a time is the way to get there!

So, share your good news with me!  Tell me your successes in reaching the goals you set for this year!

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TotR: 2015 Goals Update — 25 Comments

    • Injuries are so frustrating! Sounds like you’ve got a great approach to it though!

    • Thanks! I agree and that’s exactly how I’m looking at it!

  1. After reading this post, I decided to write about my goals update later this week. While you have not met your goals for the year, sometime keeping positive about the little things can help make the larger picture better. Glad to hear you are getting focused on your running and hydrating is also so important during the summer. I struggle with that some days and not so much on others.
    Pam recently posted…My first “brick” workout….does that mean a triathlon is on the horizon?My Profile

    • You’ve been rocking it this year, Pam! And being positive makes such a difference. It’s been a bit tough for me to stay positive this year (having Eli’s summer procedure looming over me all year was a big part of it and getting great results from it last week really has helped me feel so much more positive without feeling like I’m “forcing” it).

    • Yeah, I did feel great when I was on Paleo but I just couldn’t stick with it. And it’s hard for me to “buy” that beans and lentils are not healthy for you!

    • LOL, yeah things are very different in metabolism-land at 41 aren’t they!?!

  2. Goals are meant to be reevaluated and sometimes it’s good. I didn’t set any solid ones because I was getting back into running and didn’t want any pressure.
    Lesley recently posted…2015 GoalsMy Profile

    • That’s a good approach too; sometimes goals can put too much pressure on us and actually be counterproductive.

    • Thanks! I feel very positive about the rest of this year!

  3. Good luck with Weight Watchers – it can be a little easier to follow with all of the travel you’re doing. You’ve got 6 months to go this year. I’m sure you’ll get where you want to be!
    Jessica S recently posted…TotR: 2015 Goals UpdateMy Profile

    • Thanks! I am feeling very optimistic about the rest of this year!

    • Great outlook. I really feel the same way! Best of luck to you as well!

  4. it’s only halfway so there is definitely still time to make progress! i have met a few of my goals but many of them are works in progress. it is great to go back and revisit these

    • Thanks! I’m not proud of the last six months but I’m not particularly discouraged either. I think I needed some down time so I can come back stronger!