TotR: Chafing!

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I was inspired to write today’s post by my eight mile run last Friday which resulted in some spectacular chafing!  I’ll spare you the photos, but let’s just say the shower after the run was extremely painful as I discovered about ten different raw spots.  The worst was under my left arm (the right was fine for some strange reason!) probably because I was wearing a loose tank top.

Just about everyone who runs distance has experienced painful chafing at one point or another.  Pretty much anywhere where skin meets skin you’re at risk!  So, how do you avoid it?

  1. Compression garments – One of the many reasons I love Sparkle Skirts is because the shorts under the skirts have light compression and have some kind of magic that keeps them from riding up.  Because the legs stay put, I don’t get thigh chafing (just about the worst kind of chafing around!).
  2. Be careful with accessories – I used to try to carry my phone in an arm case until the strap ended up tearing up the inside of my arm on three different occasions.  I ended up switching it to a skirt pocket and ditched the arm band.
  3. Test run your costumes – I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about costume-induced-chafing.  Tutus can be pretty difficult to run in  depending on the material and design and more elaborate costumes can “rub you the wrong way”.  It’s very important to test out your race costumes on a shorter run before race day because you don’t want to find out the hard way on race day that your adorable outfit causes bleeding, blisters or chafing.
  4. Bandaids – This one’s for the guys.  If you’re going to run far, you need to use bandaids (or nip-guards) on your nipples.  For real.  Bloody nipples are a thing you do not want to experience.  Luckily for us ladies, sports bras tend to prevent that sort of trouble.
  5. Lube up – Body Glide or any other related product (there is a wide variety out there) can help prevent chafing, especially along the bra line, thighs, arms and even butt cheeks (yes, it is true).

Hopefully all of these tips will let you enjoy your post-long-run shower without wincing from the sting of chafing!  Any other tips to add?

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TotR: Chafing! — 16 Comments

    • I may need to look into that. Body glide is ok but I think there are more effective products out there!

    • Yeah, I have some painful memories of that from my high school days too!

    • I usually don’t actually get it unless I have a wardrobe malfunction. I’m thinking I may need to retire that sports bra!

    • I’m starting to think my chafing on my arm and around the bra strap were all caused by the fact that this bra is like three years old and it getting kind of rough. Maybe it’s time to retire it!

    • There are some horrifying pictures out there of men running with blood running down their shirts! Ouch!!

    • I’ve never had to get the Vaseline from the aid station, but I imagine it’s a life saver when you need it!