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Thanks for joining us for another Tuesdays on the Run.  Today’s topic is favorite distance and Patty from My No-Guilt Life, Erika from MCM Mama Runs and I would love to find out what yours is.

Based on my race recaps, you’d probably think the half marathon is my favorite distance but I can assure you that it’s not.  Here’s how I feel about the different distances I’ve run:


What I love

  • Not needing to dedicate weekends to runs over an hour.
  • The feeling of being able to push hard without worrying about facing a miserable race.
  • The race doesn’t take over the whole day between corralling, racing and recovery.

What I hate

  • At least locally, there’s no bling.
  • Tends to attract speedsters around here, so a sub-30 minute 5k “feels” slow.
  • I still can’t really find that balance between pushing myself hard enough to do my best and too hard so that I end up running out of steam in the last half mile.
  • Can’t really justify carb loading!


What I love

  • 50/50 shot for bling. Not much bling locally, but bigger races tend to have nice medals at this distance.
  • I seem to pace myself best at this distance where I feel like I gave it my all but don’t feel exhausted in the last mile.
  • Being able to train up for it quickly without double digit training runs.
  • Tend to have scenic courses.
  • I can settle into a nice pace and really enjoy the run.

What I hate

  • We don’t have many of these locally.
  • At runDisney, the 10k somehow feels “less than” the half or full (I suspect this is just a personal problem).


What I love

  • Almost always has a nice medal.
  • Nice distance for settling into a moderately challenging pace.
  • Tend to have scenic courses.
  • Can carb load!

What I hate

  • Long enough that pacing becomes more challenging, risking running out of gas.
  • Hard to find locally.
  • Takes up most of a day between corralling, racing and recovery.


What I love

  • Always great medals.
  • Bragging rights.  Most people don’t run half marathons.
  • Carb loading!
  • Post run recovery treats!
  • The feeling when I’m done!
  • Costumes are almost always welcome.

What I hate

  • Training takes a lot of time, energy and effort.
  • When training gets derailed from life, injury or illness, it’s challenging to get back on track.
  • The race pretty much takes up the whole day between corralling, racing and recovery.
  • Tapering and reverse tapering.
  • Pre-race nervousness and lack of confidence.
  • Trouble pacing.  I tend to start out too slow due to lack of confidence and have trouble getting the times I know I’m capable of.

I’ve never run a full marathon, although I hope to do that in 2016!  So, while each distance has its good points and challenges, for me the 10k is my favorite.  I just wish we had more of them locally because I’d love to run one every month!

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TotR: Favorite Distance — 28 Comments

    • We’ve only got one nearby that I know of but it is a great one (the Gate River Run). Thanks for linking up with us!

    • Thanks! I do (usually) enjoy all of the distances I’ve run so far. I think a one mile race might be kind of a fun challenge!

    • Thanks! The 10k is just a great distance, too bad there aren’t too many of them around me!

    • I know, I just need to (1) find one nearby and (2) get brave enough to give it a try!

  1. I think I love 10k’s the most. I don’t like 5k’s for whatever reason once I’m running them, but a 10k is a good challenge. They seem to be making a come back but you’re right, there’s not that many locally.
    Lesley recently posted…Cooking and Baking TimeMy Profile

    • I’m hoping 10ks actually make a comeback. Maybe we need to start pestering race directors to do more of them and less 5ks!

    • Great minds think alike! 🙂 The only 15k I know of around here is the Gate River Run in Jacksonville and it is a ton of fun!

    • I keep hoping hot chocolate will bring a 15k near here but I guess we’re not a big enough city. Thanks!

    • I can’t believe I’ll be AT WDW but not running TOT this weekend. It’s going to be strange. Best of luck!

    • I think we all need to start boycotting 5ks so race directors will branch out to the 10k and 15k distances!

    • Thanks! I’m hoping to do the WDW full in 2016 (but NOT Goofy or Dopey!).