TotR: I Won’t Run Without…

Welcome back to the only thing lately that has kept me blogging…Tuesdays on the Run!  Today, Patty from My No-Guilt Life, Erika from MCM Mama Runs and I are talking about those running essentials that we just won’t run without.

It’s so funny that running is perceived as a low-investment sport.  Just grab some shoes and hit the road, right?  Not so much in my case.  Here are the things I just won’t run without:

  • Running shoes.  I’m definitely NOT into barefoot running (although I did grow up going barefoot all summer long in Florida).
  • Socks (although I’m not too picky about those).
  • Sports bra (maybe this should be moved up to #1).
  • Sparkleskirt.  I’ve got some chub rub and Sparkleskirts save my skin!  They also make me feel like I’m looking good while I’m out there sweating it out.  I may or may not have caved and ordered a new one last weekend!
  • Bondiband.  Especially in the summer when I’ve been known to turn around to go back inside if I forget it.  I sweat a LOT and my Bondiband soaks up the sweat and keeps my fly away hair out of my face.
  • Garmin.  I hate it if I forget my Garmin because it helps pace me AND because I feel like I don’t get “credit” for my run if it doesn’t show up in my Garmin website.
  • Road ID.  I really don’t want to wind up in the hospital on a run.  But if I do, I’d really like for them to be able to identify me if I can’t give them that information so they can get me the best care and so my family is notified as soon as possible.  I have two different Road IDs and I make sure to wear one on every run!
  • FitBit Charge – Yes, I want credit for all those steps!  Plus if I get a phone call on the run, I usually don’t notice the phone vibrating but it makes my FitBit vibrate too which gets my attention and the phone number or contact name shows up on the screen of my FitBit.  I love not missing calls!
  • iPhone – I sometimes listen to music, sometimes to audiobooks and sometimes to nothing at all.  I like having my phone in case I need assistance on the run or if my family needs to contact me (yes I’m a worrier).
  • Mace – No, not the medieval kind.  I just got a new kind that has a permanent UV dye as part of the mace so if I spray someone, they can be identified later.  I hope I never need it, but the one time I had a very scary encounter, I really was grateful to have it in hand.  I didn’t use it, but knowing it was there helped me stay calm.
  • Hair ties.  I have a LOT of long hair.  I cannot imagine running without having it contained.  My favorite way is two low braids down my back, but I can work with any style if it’s held back and up off my neck!  I’m a big fan of high pigtails for races and just tried out some Minnie ears at Walt Disney World last weekend that will be fun for a future race.

So, I think that’s about it.  I should add sunscreen to that list, but I have been terrible about that lately.  So…what can you not stand to run without?

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TotR: I Won’t Run Without… — 17 Comments

  1. I like your list – I forgot to list socks and shoes, how silly is that?!?! I wish I could run barefoot – there is a guy at one of my local events who always runs barefoot, even along the concrete path and I think he’s incredible!
    Gill recently posted…I won’t run without….My Profile

  2. I enjoy running with my hair down during the winter — it keeps me warm! Otherwise, it’s either in a ponytail or a braid (2 are hard, because mine is so curly I don’t get long braids out of it — I know, poor me). Because I can’t stand hair on my neck when it’s warm.

    I order a new sparkleskirt after each half as a reward. And maybe sometimes just because I want a new one to race in . . .

    Funny story from my race sat. Another girl in the race had a different sparkleskirt on & my neighbor mentioned she had the same one in pink (me too). But she had no idea it had pockets! So she wore it the next day for her next race. 🙂
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Maddie’s Mark Race Recap 9/26/15My Profile

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  6. Mace with dye… I’m going to look into that. I haven’t had a run-in where I’ve felt my life was in danger, but I’ve had a couple paranoid moments so if I leave home without any sort of pepper spray or weapon, I’m very uneasy and usually turn around. Same with my phone. Safety first!!
    Rachel recently posted…Half Marathon Training Recap: Week 14My Profile