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Today’s Tuesdays on the Run topic with Patty from My No-Guilt Life, and Erika from MCM Mama Runs is Mantras.


It’s funny, but I had a running mantra even before I knew what a mantra was.  Back in high school (probably 1989 or so) I started running as part of being on the crew team and I vividly remember doing my mile and a half at the track and breathing along to the following (very embarrassing) mantra (names have been changed to protect the innocent): “Think of Bill, think of Ben, think of just how thin, thin, thin”.  Yes, pretty silly and a little sad but it did keep me doing the six loops of that track!

Mantras are simply a word or phrase that you repeat to help you focus.  They’re used in meditation practices to help you concentrate and rise above the constant mind chatter that we all have.  In running, mantras are usually motivational words or phrases to help focus on the run or to get past difficult moments.

My favorite running mantras are:

  • Focus (ok, that’s pretty basic and direct but sometimes I need that!)
  • Suck it up buttercup.
  • Dig a little deeper.
  • Just keep swimming.
  • Strong, calm, steady.

I’ve actually used a few of those at work in stressful moments too!  What are your favorite running mantras?  Are any of them as embarrassing as my high school one?

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TotR: Mantras — 31 Comments

    • Thanks, I figured if I changed the names it wouldn’t be nearly as embarrassing!

    • Very nice! I love that you apply it outside of running too!

    • I need to remember that one, I’m having a lot of trouble getting motivated to get out the door this summer!

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    • It’s better than my cursing that I do out loud when confronted by hills! 😉

  2. Love you high school mantra! Lol that’s awesome! When I was 16 and showing at my first World Championship show with my horse I had bought 6 months prior, his previous owner was there and sent me a plant with flowers (still have the vase) with a card that said three words “Make it happen”. Since that day, that has been my go-to quote in life. It’s also currently inscribed on my RoadID. (Btw, that world show I ended up 9th overall…2 years later I would win the World Champion title).
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    • What a great message and I love that it’s stuck with you. I have Focus and Suck it up buttercup on my Road ID. Well, actually it now says Focus and Buttercup because the little tiny band that said suck it up fell off! Congrats on your world champion title, that is awesome!!

    • Yeah, it was too funny not to share! It took some creativity to “hide” the original names though, LOL.

    • It’s one of my favorites. I mainly use that one in a long race when I need to settle into a good pace and trust that I can finish strong!