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Patty from My No-Guilt Life and Erika from MCM Mama Runs and I are excited to have another guest host this week, Ashley from TwynMawrMom! Our topic for today’s Tuesdays on the Run is MOTIVATION.  I have mixed feelings about this because while I feel like I’m on the cusp of being super motivated, I’m not quite there yet.

MotivationTotRHere are the ways I try to keep my motivation up for running, working out and eating well!

  • Visualize success.  Really sit down and close your eyes and imagine what success looks likes, feels like, sounds like.  I know I want to get fast enough to place in my age group regularly and to earn a spot in the front corrals of races.  I can see myself lining up towards the front of the pack, feeling light and strong, pushing myself hard but being confident that I can do it.  I can imagine what it feels like to be in the front of the pack, running without a big crowd around me, crossing the finish line knowing I gave it my all.  goodrun
  • Write it down.  I have had great periods of being really focused and motivated about eating well when I’ve written down my reasons (especially the embarrassing ones) for wanting to lose weight.  These include really serious reasons like not wanting to die of cardiovascular disease and wanting to set a good example for my children to completely shallow ones like wanting to get in line for a roller coaster without worrying that I won’t be able to fit in the seat  and wanting to go to the beach, springs or water parks and feel good about how I look in a bathing suit.  By writing them down, I give those reasons more power and help them stick in my subconscious mind so they help me stay strong and focused on the long term when I’m tempted by short term pleasure.  motivation24
  • Have buddies with the same goals.  Having friends around you with the same goals can help all of you make the right decisions to get to those goals.  Seeing a friend post about their workout, race or new healthy recipe helps me stick to my plan.  Just knowing you’re not alone in the journey makes a huge difference.  motivation166
  • Have a physical reminder.  I have a bracelet with a special charm on it that reminds me of my goals.  Some people get tattoos to serve as a reminder of their accomplishments or goals.  Photos or motivational sayings posted around your home or work can also help keep your motivation strong.  This one seems pretty helpful…  Just sayin’…  Motivation1
  • Sign up for something expensive and challenging.  Having my race calendar full is the best motivation of all for me to keep me running.  Having a half marathon in three weeks means that I will be hitting the pavement even if I’m tired or busy.  I know how much it’s gonna hurt if I don’t get the miles in and I’m way too prideful and stubborn to bow out from a race (unless I’m sick or injured of course!) so I just don’t have any choice but to do the training!


My motivation has been difficult to maintain since last summer.  I’ve had some periods where I feel fairly motivated, but somehow it just isn’t sticking.  I am excited to read my fellow bloggers’ thoughts on motivation and honestly, just writing this post has helped me refocus on how important motivation is and how much I really do want to attain my goals of being fast, fit and healthy!


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TotR: Motivation — 19 Comments

    • I find that having a race every month keeps my training consistent throughout the year, especially in the summer when it’s tough to run here.

    • Thanks! Fun Fisney races are definitely “motivating” to run based on the cost alone! 🙂

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    • Thanks so much for co-hosting! I love my local friends, but most of them just don’t get my running craziness (and the ones that do are too fast for me to train with them!!) so my blog friends are my best motivators!

  2. Great tips! I hate the idea of paying for a race and not participating. I have to DNS the upcoming Sarasota Marathon bc my 17 year old son is being…difficult…and I had to make him the priority. It doesn’t make me happy tho. I did find a local race and continue to train but its hard to drop out of the original one.
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Motivation!My Profile

    • Oh that’s tough! You’re definitely making the right choice. Hope everything works out for your family and that your local race is outstanding!

  3. I needed a reminder about motivation now! I find a physical reminder really helpful. My engagement ring, which I got resized after I lost weight, is an ever present reminder of how far I’ve come. There are days I really really need that tangible reminder.
    Jessica S recently posted…“Running makes mommy happy”My Profile

    • I couldn’t wear my engagement ring for a few years when I gained weight, so being able to wear it again is a great reminder of how far I’ve come!

  4. Great post! I always have races on my calendar (that are expensive!) to keep me motivated, but that doesn’t always work. Having friends to run with really, REALLY helps me. I also like the physical reminder. I tell my clients to have their goals or other symbol of what they’re working toward visible so it can be seen every day as a reminder. It helps a lot.
    Jenn @ RunWithSole recently posted…My 5 Pre-race RitualsMy Profile

    • Thanks! I need to put up a few physical/visible reminders both at work and at home for when my motivation falters!

  5. Such a great topic this week! I’m sorry I missed getting a post up. It’s been a tough time to stay on track with all the snow and ice that has come our way, but, the thought of summer activities with the little one is keeping me moving. Slowly, but still moving – that has to count for something, right?

    • As long as you’re moving in the right direction, it really doesn’t matter how slow! I have no idea how people who live anywhere other than Florida or Southern California deal with the ice and snow all winter! You are all tough!!