TotR: Show Us Your Bling!

It’s Tuesdays on the Run with me, Patty from My No-Guilt Life and Erika from MCM Mama Runs.  Our topic this fine December day is Show Us Your Bling!  It can be your favorite, your least favorite or your whole collection!

Here are my favorite medals:

My most favorite is also my most recent.  This is my Space Coast Half medal from last week.   I love the size of the medal and how sparkly it is.  I also love it because it honors the lives lost in the Challenger explosion.  Each star represents an astronaut who perished that day.  I remember being in the sixth grade and our geography teacher stopped class to explain what had happened.  It was one of those moments that is etched in my memory.   And it is my favorite medal because it reminds me of the race which remains my favorite race to date.


Next on my medal hall of fame is my runDisney Coast-to-Coast medal.  I earned this one (and I mean EARNED IT) by completing a half marathon at Disneyland (Tink, otherwise known as the worst race I’ve ever run…mostly due to my own poor choices) and a half marathon at Walt Disney World (Princess) in the same calendar year.  It reminds me of my first (and only so far) trip to Disneyland and of the fact that I can push through and finish even when I feel awful and just want to lay down and quit.  It also reminds me of the second part of that challenge, the Princess Half, where I got to finish with my twinkie, Karen and to have some redemption in feeling great and finishing strong!  Plus, it has Walt Disney on it, so there’s that too!


My two Expedition Everest Challenge medals are also big favorites of mine, because they represent the first race I ran with my older son and the first race I ran with my husband.  And they are working compasses, so if I get lost I can always find my way!  And Eli loves wearing them around the house going on treasure hunts.


I love both my Wine & Dine Half medals, because Wine & Dine is my favorite runDisney race.  I think I love the 2014 medal more though, not just because it’s a spinner and is awesome, but because it represents pushing myself through the rain and cold and finishing even though it hurt and I didn’t feel great.  Plus, it has “the big Epcot ball” on it!


I’ll be honest, I love each and every one of my medals, even the ugly ones, because they represent the changes I’ve made in my life in the last couple of years.  I may not be skinny or very fast and I may not “look” like a runner (whatever that means), but those medals prove that I’m willing to get out there and hit the pavement week after week, all year long and that I’m confident enough in myself to pin on a race bib and get out there and try my best.

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TotR: Show Us Your Bling! — 27 Comments

    • Thanks, each one is pretty special to me for different reasons (and they’re pretty too, lol)!

    • Thanks! My local races rarely give out any medals (even for age group winners) so I really love getting them for the “bigger” races.

    • Haha! The earlier ones didn’t spin, but maybe because it was a 5 year anniversary, this one does. I <3 it!

    • That is an amazing medal! I wasn’t quite ready to tackle a full marathon yet, but that medal surely tempted me!

    • It is nice to get the bonus “challenge” medals! I’m not sure how I’ll swing it, but I’d love to get a classic blue and black C2C medal one of these days too!

    • It’s about a three hour drive from my house, but well worth the trip! I love the medal, but I love the race course and “vibe” even more! Good luck on your C2C! It’s hard for me to get out to Disneyland but I’d love to do it again if the stars align.

  1. Your Expedition Everest medal is awesome. I won’t be doing that race, but clearly I love that piece of bling. My favorite medal is one I have not earned yet….the coveted Boston Marathon medal. Can’t wait to have that baby around my neck in April!
    Pam recently posted…What do you do with old race shirts?My Profile

    • Thanks! We’re sitting it out this year even though it’s the final year. The team registration price tag is just too steep, especially since we’re AP holders so the after party isn’t a big draw for us on that particular race. I’m so excited about your Boston Marathon! So exciting!!