TotR: Spring Training Update

Spring Training Updates are what we’re talking about today on the Tuesdays on the Run linkup with Patty from My No-Guilt Life, Erika from MCM Mama Runs and me.  SpringTrainingUpdate

I’m happy to say I’ve gotten my proverbial second wind and my spring training is going really well!  I’m back to consistently running 3x a week (well, not this week because I’m at Walt Disney World today, but carrying Eli on my back for 7-12 miles a day definitely counts!) and lifting heavy weights 2x a week.  AprilGymI’ve been doing well sticking to Paleo (except on my allowed off days) and I’m trying to stay OFF the scale!  Getting my weight down is key to getting much much faster!

I’m following a plan in the book Run Less, Run Faster to get my 10k time down.  It prescribes three runs a week (repeats, tempo and long run) at set paces and cross training (which I’m doing on the exercise bike on my weight training days).  Repeats are really interesting, here’s what mine look like:

  1. Warm up with an easy run for one mile.  During that mile, do some high knee lifts and butt kicks to wake up your quads and hamstrings.  Also do some pickups, which are when you briefly accelerate and then decelerate.
  2. Run 1/4 mile (400 meters, one lap around a standard track) at a pace of 8:45.  Your personal pace for a quarter mile repeat can be found using your most recent 5k results on the chart in the book or you can just run like an insane killer clown is chasing you with a bloody butcher’s knife.  Basically this is running faster than you ever thought you could run, but just for a quarter mile.
  3. Slow down to a very easy pace, jogging or walking.  Try not to stop.  Try not to puke.  You can drink something but keep moving for another quarter of a mile.  Super slow is absolutely fine.  This is a recovery period.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 seven more times.  Try not to puke, pass out or die.  Your level of effort on the repeat portion should be steady throughout but as intense as you can handle.  You will be miserable but afterwards you will feel like a rockstar.
  5. Cool down with a mile jog or walk.  To be honest, I don’t actually cool down for a full mile because repeats take so long and I’m always DONE when I’m finished.  I tend to cool down for maybe a quarter mile.
  6. Walk around the rest of the day knowing that you are awesome!

Different distance repeats require different levels of effort.  A 8:45 pace for 400 meter repeats is equivalent to a 9:20 pace for a mile repeat.  The longer the distance of the repeat, the slower the goal pace should be.  But repeats should always challenge you. have a 10k scheduled for May 2 that I really want to get an age group award in and maybe even finish in under an hour.  After that, in July, is the Melon Run Three Miler.  I NEED to win an age group award in that race!  It’s local and very fast, so it’s going to take a lot of work and some good luck to avoid injuries and illness along the way!  Last year I finished in 28:27 and to get an age group award I’d have to have finished under 25:27.  So I need to take a full minute off each mile.

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TotR: Spring Training Update — 35 Comments

  1. I’ve used the FURMAN first plan for a marathon and half. The half plan about killed me! lol It was a lot more challenging than I though as far as speed work. I was exhausted by race day. I’d be interested in looking for the 10K plan. My goal for summer running is 5 and 10Ks.
    Melanie recently posted…Goal Checkin’ – Spring EditionMy Profile

    • Yeah, I stick to the shorter races in the summer too which are much more manageable when working in speedwork!

    • Thanks! I really like the workout plans although they are pretty challenging!

    • Thanks! I don’t have time to get much faster before my 10k next month, but I’m hoping to see a big improvement by the July 3-miler.

    • I think the training schedule just works well for me for some reason!

  2. 8:45 pace? I haven’t done that since college. I’m trying to run 3 times a week, and I think I see where I can squish two cross training activities together to make room.
    Lesley recently posted…Spring Season UpdateMy Profile

    • My goal is to be able to hit that for at least a 5k distance sometime this year!

    • Thanks! It’s really not that hard and I need to just make it happen more often!

    • Thanks, I really love the book and the training programs. I am targeting the WDW 10k again as a goal race and need to start working backwards on the training schedule.

    • I never seem to be able to do speedwork while doing distance training. It works well for me in the spring and summer because I never have long races until late fall.

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    • Yeah, it’s what came to me on the second lap around the track! 🙂

  4. Repeats-I need to look into incorporate that into my schedule. I am learning so much about mixing things up in training.

    It is amazing the difference weight training makes. I keep trying to do better at that but keep slipping and slacking….I am going to keep at it though.

    Good luck in your efforts and races!

    • I have noticed that weight training helps with speed AND is a huge help in recovery after races.

  5. I need to get more into speedwork but there aren’t any tracks close to my house that are open for everyone! For now I am just doing super fast intervals which are resulting in about 400 m repeats. I would love to build up to 800 m repeats

    • I actually do most of my speedwork just in my neighborhood using my garmin “lap” feature. I may switch to time repeats instead just because it’s easier to set.

    • Awh, I hate that you’re still having trouble with that injury! I hope it heals up quickly!

  6. Good luck with the RLRF training. Are you finding you have enough energy for the speedwork while using paleo? I love speedwork although I find myself quite sensitive to blood sugar levels for those workouts.
    Kelli recently posted…Running Streak UpdateMy Profile

    • You know, the paleo has made the repeats tougher. I’m trying to figure out how to balance extra carbs for the running with paleo and weight loss. It’s tough!

    • I can usually jog between the first few repeats, but after that there is a LOT of walking in between the repeats!

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  8. Great breakdown of the repeats – I will have to pick up that book. I have kind of been abiding by “run less, run less,” so I need to get myself into gear for all of my upcoming races. Good luck with your upcoming races!

    • I do like the workout plans, including the cross training. I’ve done my share of run less, run less lately too! 🙂