TotR: Where I Run (in pictures)

For today’s Tuesdays on the Run,  My No-Guilt Life, Erika from MCM Mama Runs and I want to share photos of where we run!  And we can’t wait to see your running scenery.  WhereIRunI have three main running areas.  The first is the neighborhood where I live.  It’s super convenient, is fairly shaded, especially early in the day, and has low traffic.  On the downside, there are occasionally neighborhood dogs wandering around who have escaped their owners.  Not strays, just off the leash and exploring, but still not particularly comfortable to run near.  IMG_1179I do occasionally get to say hi to a friend and neighbor on the run!IMG_1819And the occasional snake! IMG_1711I also run near my work in a gorgeous historic district.  I have had one frightening experience with someone who clearly had a mental disability that made them rather terrifying to interact with.  I do make sure to keep my mace in my SparkleSkirt pocket for protection from people with ill intent and dogs who aren’t under control.  I love the old homes and beautiful live oaks! And I run by a gorgeous stream and duckpond.  IMG_4112 IMG_4099_2IMG_1110 IMG_1116I’ve been missing my other stomping grounds, the trails and nature parks around town.  Unfortunately, summer brings out the biting flies and other insects on the trails so I don’t get to enjoy them from June through September. IMG_5361IMG_2524When we travel, I have two other lovely running locations…  The beach!  IMG_2471And Disney’s BoardWalk, especially the path down to Disney’s Hollywood Studios!   IMG_3011

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    • It’s a really lovely place to run and it’s extra nice not to have to worry about stray dogs or traffic or other personal safety kind of issues. If I lived in Orlando, I’d probably drive to run there at least once a week!

    • We do have some great running options here and there’s a wonderfully strong running community. I guess living in Florida, I’m just kind of used to all the snakes! I still like to keep a little distance though and give them a wide berth.

  1. You have some beautiful snapshots here. I’m so jealous that you can just run in your neighborhood. I live in an apartment complex off a major roadway so if I am super pressed for time my only option is to run laps around my complex – gets pretty boring after the second lap, lol. Thanks for hosting the link up! 🙂
    Krystal recently posted…My Running ScenesMy Profile

    • Oh that sounds tough! I hate running small laps and having to do it in a parking lot is the worst!

    • I only notice how green things are here when I’ve been out West or even up North in the winter.

  2. I wish we had more trails around here to run. Most are about a 45 minute drive away, and when I’m already struggling to get a run in, that’s not going to happen! I’m also super jealous of the Disney running!
    Lauren recently posted…TotR: Goal UpdatesMy Profile

    • Ugh, I’d hate to have to drive that far to get to a trail! But yeah, having to drive that far to get a run in just doesn’t make much sense!

    • I do love trail running when the bugs aren’t so awful!

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  4. I hate being bothered by loose running! That is the worse! Especially when I have my dog with me! That’s why I mainly trail run out in the middle of nowhere. Your areas to run look really great though! I’m recovering from back surgery and wont be able to run again until September; counting down the days!

  5. You’ve got some great options. I also see the occasional snake in my neighborhood. Three this year so far! I would enjoy running around the old homes near your work!

    • Ha, I love that you have a running count of your snake encounters this year! 🙂

  6. What a great topic for TOTR!
    Love the photos and am ever so jealous of all your great places to run!

    • Thanks! I do enjoy that route a lot (although I get house envy!).

    • Yeah, in Florida the shade and trees are so critical for a running route!

  7. I just enjoyed looking at all these pics from your neighborhood. The snake pic – I was so terrified of them during my runs when we first moved to Florida, but now I almost don’t care anymore when I see one. Funny how that goes. Love the nature trail pic! Loose dogs is something so terrifying when you’re a runner.
    Ilka recently posted…My Weekly Marathon Training Log 7/6 -7/12My Profile

    • Thanks! You do get used to the snakes (the non-venomous ones at least)!

    • Thanks! I get bored running in the same place, so I like to explore!!