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Join us today for the Tuesdays on the Run linkup with Patty from My No-Guilt Life, Erika from MCM Mama Runs and me when we explore a topic that might be serious, funny or insightful: Why I Run.

WhyIRunI think there are some universal reasons that all runners have for getting out there day after day and then there are some reasons that are unique to each individual.  I think my reasons include some from each group.  So, why do I run despite the injuries, the heat, the bugs and the discomfort?

  • Health – When I first decided to start running after having kids, I started with a Walk Away the Pounds DVD because I was terrified that if I went for a walk outside I might drop dead.  Now, that was 90% just me being paranoid, but having worked up to running half marathons, I feel much better about my cardiovascular health.
  • Fitness – When we took our three-week cross country trip to the Grand Canyon back in 2008, there were several adventures I skipped out on because I was not fit enough to do them.  We hiked down into the canyon about an hour or so and then hiked back out.  I really wanted to go further and even take on the rim-to-rim hike, but I knew I didn’t have the fitness level for that.  I want to be fit enough to tackle any adventure that presents itself!  Running helps me with that goal.
  • Community – I certainly didn’t start running with the idea of making friends or being part of a larger community, but I’ve found that it’s a wonderful side benefit.  I’ve made friends from all over the country and I feel like I’m in a circle of friends.
  • Adventures – I love exploring new places and new race courses.  Signing up for a race in a new place gives me an excuse to travel and have adventures!
  • Self-esteem – It’s so easy to let our definitions of ourselves get narrowed down to our “grown-up” roles.  In my case that’s wife, mom and CPA.  Becoming a runner has let me rediscover my inner athlete and to give myself a sense of self that’s been missing.

So, those are some of the reasons I run…  Why do you run?

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TotR: Why I Run — 37 Comments

    • I’ve got one of those at home too! Running is a big help with stress relief and getting those frustrated feelings worked out!

    • Thanks! It’s funny how universal some of the reasons are and some are unique to each runner!

    • Absolutely! The adventures tied to running are the best part!

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    • Definitely! I never remember how cranky I get without running until I don’t run for a couple of weeks!

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  3. I know that feeling of fearing that if you went to walk/run outside, that you might drop dead. I’ve been there (and have had a lot of other completely irrational fears that I look back at now and wonder what I was thinking!?!?!?). And I’ve also seen many instances where there were group activities that involved fitness, and certain folks couldn’t participate. That is indeed a huge motivator to change things!
    Emily @ Out and About recently posted…Why I runMy Profile

    • I definitely wanted to (and still do want to) make sure that my weight and fitness level don’t hold me back from any adventure due to fear or actual logistics.

  4. This is my first time joining and checking out this link-up–thank you for hosting! This is a great topic, and I love reading others’ reasons. It’s amazing how many similarities there are among us.
    Rae recently posted…Tuesdays on the Run: Why I RunMy Profile

  5. Community + Adventures are two big reasons why I run! I could get my fitness elsewhere, but there is nothing like the thrill of traveling to a new place and being in an amazing community of similarly crazy people 🙂

  6. I love your reasons! Congratulations to you for making the change to be healthier and to find a new love. And how cool that you’ve been to the Grand Canyon! That is on my bucket list for sure. Do you think you’ll go back to do the Rim to Rim hike?
    Leana recently posted…Why I Run…and swim…and bikeMy Profile

    • Thanks! I definitely plan to get back to the Grand Canyon to do the Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim hike!

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  8. It really is such a great thing for self-esteem, especially for working mamas who are defined in so many ways by our relationships with other people (work, kids, spouse, etc). Great link up topic! I’ve loved reading everyone’s posts!
    Jessica S recently posted…Tuesdays on the Run: Why I RunMy Profile

  9. I started running in 2010 when an off-handed comment from a boss made me sit up an take notice of how I had let my health and weight get out of control. Once I started running, I realized it was the one thing no one could take from me. It was my time to be humble, to be carefree and to unwind and destress. I fell out of love with running a while ago but have recently rediscovered the magic I felt when out on the road.

    • So glad you rediscovered the magic of running. There’s just something really special about the alone time!

    • Traveling for races has definitely made us take more trips than I would have otherwise!

  10. These are all great reasons to run! I agree with you on every single one of them. Running has definitely been great with the adventure aspect and “racecations.” I really love your point about the self-esteem though, I couldn’t have said that better myself.
    Krystal recently posted…Why I Run.My Profile

    • Thanks! Sometimes I get frustrated with running or injuries but running is so important to me that I always go back to it!

    • I think sanity is a really common reason for most of us to run!