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Welcome to Tuesdays on the Run.  As the year is winding down, Patty from My No-Guilt Life, Erika from MCM Mama Runs and I thought that it would be fun to do a post highlighting the past year, just in pictures.  So, here’s my 2014 (I’ll confess now, I couldn’t stick to just pictures…as the months get further along I wrote even more!):

January was the Tinkerbell 10k  and Tinkerbell Half Marathon!  And my first trip to Disneyland.  And my all-time favorite costume (and favorite costume running group!).Tink10kCar

February was the Enchanted 10k and Princess Half Marathon and C2C redemption and running with my twinkie!


March was Gate River Run 15k where I beat my time from the previous year but still didn’t hit my goal!  I did, however, manage to run the entire mile of the bridge at the end though!


April brought my forays into speed training and two sub-30 5ks, the Flatwoods 5k  and Gator MBA 5k.


 May meant runDisney again with Erik’s first race, the Expedition Everest Challenge 5k & Scavenger Hunt .


June was race-free but continued my speed work, cross training (strength training) and focus on getting faster.  We bought our annual passes to Disney again and visited a few times.  And I got my first custom SparkleSkirts!  And I had to go on a low dose of blood pressure medicine because I couldn’t get it low enough despite working out a lot and trying to eat well.  I think that was the turning point in a bad way for my training.  Having to take it really messed up my perception of myself.newrulesoflifting IMG_1975 photo 1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_4169

July brought Eli’s first colonoscopy and threw us all for a loop.  I ran the Melon Run 3 Miler and was pretty happy with result.  We went to Disney a lot to help us all feel better about Eli’s procedure and to escape reality for a bit.

Frozen002 EliDisney072514 FP+8 IMG_4366

August was not a good month.  Eli had a post-polectomy hemmorage and we spent three days at UF Health Children’s Hospital.  Thankfully he’s been fine since then but it was terrifying and exhausting and running was on the bottom of my priority list.  I found out I was selected as a race ambassador for the Asheville Marathon and Half Marathon and signed up to be a Beachbody Coach.  I’ll admit that neither is working out as I’d hoped and I’ve already cancelled my Beachbody Coach status (while I like the products, I can’t sell firewood to an Eskimo, it’s just not my strength).


September was an improvement.  We started feeling better about Eli, Alex was doing great in his sophomore year of high school and I started running again.  We made a trip back to Disney and had a good time.  I think this was the month that I submitted my application for the Disney Parks Moms Panel.


October was wonderful, the cool fall weather arrived early (for Florida), we had a great time at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and I got some good training runs (despite a stupid foot injury caused by hiking in flip flops!!).   Erik and I took a trip to California and had an amazing, magical trip to Joshua Tree and I put my feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time.  While driving to Joshua Tree, I learned I’d made it to Round 2 of the Disney Parks Moms Panel search.

IMG_6133 IMG_5865 IMG_5436

November is always a favorite month because the weather is usually wonderful, holiday decorations are going up and it’s my birthday!  I had  a wet, undertrained, amazingly fun race at the Wine & Dine Half Marathon.  And a great trip to Disney for our annual Thanksgiving week extravaganza.  And I learned I made it to the finals for the Disney Parks Moms Panel search.  And then, on our first day at Disney, I learned that I didn’t make it on the panel.  Which was disappointing but I think I’ll be even more ready for that opportunity next year!  And I wrapped up the month with a great run at the Space Coast Half Marathon!

MineTrain11-23-14 Turtle1 BobaFettCropped HS-OsborneLightsCCIMG_8612_2

December’s been a month of sneezes and snuffles because it seems I’ve been sick most of the month!  I’ve recommitted to eating well and running several times and keep getting sidetracked!  I’m still shaking off this awful #Plague2014 cold but I’m almost better (finally!).  We took several micro-trips to Disney and had a great time despite the illnesses!  Eli and I took a solo trip and had fun at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!  And we saw the Osborne Lights one more time!  The rest of the month will be celebrating Christmas, spending time with family, holding down the fort at work and really and truly recommitting to my health and race goals.

IMG_8820_2 IMG_8789 IMG_8841_2 IMG_0237

I hope you enjoyed this walk back through 2014.  It’s been one heck of a year!  I had a lot of personal growth.  Got faster and then slower.  Thinner and then heavier.  I took some huge risks and threw my hat into the ring for big deal opportunities both personally and professionally.  They didn’t always work out but I learned a lot and I’m positioning myself to be successful in 2015.  I came out of this year 100x stronger than I started it and more focused on what is really important.  Thanks for following along with me!

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TotR: My Year in Pictures — 28 Comments

    • Thanks! It was a fun year of races! Except for that awful Tink Half!!

    • It was a great year of racing! I’m going to be sad to miss out on so many runDisney events in 2015. I think right now I’m only doing TWO runDisney races which means I’ll be missing a lot of fun!

    • It was pretty eventful! Hopefully 2015 is fun and a little less eventful!!

    • It is pretty amazing to look back on all those races. The Tink and Princess ones feel like they were YEARS ago, not months ago! I guess it’s been one heck of a year! I’ve loved getting to know you this year too!

    • They really are great! I can’t afford to do #alltheraces but I sure wish I could because runDisney races are always exciting events!

    • I did have a great runDisney year! I’m branching out a little in 2015 to some new non-runDisney events so I’m looking forward to new adventures!

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  2. I love that you couldn’t sell firewood to an Eskimo – I always tell people I couldn’t sell water in the dessert. 🙂 It sounds like 2015 is going to start strong for you. Sending good vibes!
    Jessica S recently posted…My year in picturesMy Profile

    • Sounds like we’ve got similar “sales” skills! Thanks, I’m feeling great about 2015!

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