Friday Update with NSV

Current Weight: 181.6
– From Last Week – 0.2 pound loss
– From Highest Weight –  52.4 pound loss

Meh.  I was a perfect little angel…ok starting Monday, I was a perfect little angel.  Over the weekend I was “saying goodbye to junky carbs”.  Krispy Kreme donuts.  Potato chips.  Popeyes biscuits.  On Monday, I put my new plan into place and have been 99.9% perfect this week.

Here’s how I did on the five things I’m changing:

  1. Counting CarbsBreakfast – 30g; Lunch & Dinner – 45g each, snacks – 15g each. 
    • I did really well here.  Probably a bit lower than these goals with 15 for breakfast and 30 for lunch.  Green smoothie for breakfast with protein powder.  Smoothie with peanut butter and almond milk after workouts.  Moderate fruit (4-5 a day) and pushing the veggies.
  2. Structured Eating – 3 meals and 3 snacks per day.
    • I did ok with this.  Three meals all the time and I tried to remember all snacks, but I tended to miss my mid-morning one.
  3. Running – Focus on speed and form.
    • A+ for me!  I did my first two scheduled runs, my 8×400 repeats on Tuesday and a tempo run on Thursday.  I did both under the speed suggested in the book (just a bit faster) and am shocked by how fast I’m actually able to run.  I’m a bit afraid of getting injured by going so much faster, but I’m going to trust the training and stick to the plan.  I also did the two days of scheduled cross training on the stationary bike (while watching Charmed on Netflix).
  4. Strength – Commit to 2x a week strength. 
    • A+ for me!  I bought the book The New Rules of Lifting for Women because it also has a structured training plan (six months!) with very specific exercises.  It has a 3x a week recommendation, so that’s what I’m starting with.  I did workouts on Monday and Wednesday following my bike cross training.
  5. Adventure – Start now!
    • Today’s adventure is going to have to wait.  It’s Erik’s 40th birthday today so I have party planning to take care of and we’re doing a garage sale tomorrow so I have to get all our crap, I mean treasures organized, packed up, and tagged today!  You know what?  I’ve come back to this and decided that I can’t start off by skipping this.  We’re going to go to the Devil’s Millhopper today.  It’s a gorgeous sinkhole that you can go down a bunch of steps into.  The vegetation is really lush and there are waterfalls all around the sinkhole.  There’s also a nature walk around the sinkhole.  It’s only three miles away from my house, so that’s today’s adventure!godothem

Overall I had a good week.  I ate very well and did all my scheduled workouts even when work threw some wrenches in the way.  Of course I’m disappointed not to see the scale moving down but I had a few non scale victories this week that I’m going to focus on instead:

  • Being able to run my 8×400 repeats at an average pace of 8:27.  Crazy!
  • Being able to run my 2 mile tempo run at an average pace of 9:20 without feeling too exhausted.
  • I get sports massage and I was discussing my weight loss goals with my massage therapist and she was shocked that I wanted to lose 40 more pounds.  She said with my body composition that I need to ignore the BMI charts because if I lost 40 pounds I’d be too thin.  Now, I don’t actually agree with that, but it’s nice that someone who is pretty familiar with my body was surprised that I need to lose that much weight.
  • I had a co-worker comment that I had lost a lot of weight (ha ha I’ve actually gained 10lbs this year!).  Now, I was wearing some spanx and a new dress, but hey, I take compliments wherever I can get them!
  • I’d been having some “spells” where I just felt off.  Not dizzy, but kind of out of it a bit.  I was suspecting that they were blood sugar related.  This week I didn’t have any.  I think my lower carb plus scheduled eating is helping to keep my blood sugar level throughout the day.

This coming week I’m sticking with my Five Things Plan (patent pending).  My diet plans always have an exception for major holidays and direct family birthdays.  So, today will have cake and alcohol and some delicious stuffed shrimp.  But only during the 6pm-midnight party period.  And I’ll have a rest day Saturday and my long run on Sunday.plateau

I truly believe that I’m making progress on reducing my body fat % and building muscle.  I’m fine with it being a slow process as long as I’m going the right direction with a diet and exercise plan that I can stick with for the long run.  I just never have “gotten” the concept of a drastic diet/exercise plan that is clearly not a life-long plan.  Why go through all the pain and effort to lose 50lbs if you know that it’s just going to come back on when you (inevitably) can’t stick with the all carrots/no carrots/only red foods/no red foods/pills/shots/shakes diet for the rest of your life?

What diet/eating plan has been most successful for you and why?


Friday Update with NSV — 14 Comments

  1. Whooohooo! I love what you are doing and it sounds like the right path for you. I’m itching to do some speed work as well but worried about injury is holding me back. I’m also getting into my busy time with work and having a hard time scheduling runs plus crosstraining. I’m so glad you are in the zone! (at least it sounds like you are!) Have fun today!!!!!!!! recently posted…Wide-angle Wednesday!My Profile

    • Thanks! We had a great time at the Devil’s Millhopper. Hope your time frees up enough to get those workouts in!

  2. Well, it seriously looks like you are doing everything right! I’m just about tempted to chunk my scale and not obsess over it like I always do. I’m going to give it one more Wed. Weigh In and see. Maybe shifting the focus back to my eating and exercise and not looking at that number every single day will help.
    Des @ Finding the Skinny Geek Within recently posted…NSVMy Profile

    • Thanks! I’m getting pretty close to scale chunking (or at least hiding it for a month or so) too. I can tell I’m making progress, it’s just hard when that stupid number won’t move! Good luck to us both!

  3. I’ve been trying to clean out junk too. My credit union is having a document shredding day in a couple of weeks. I have to go through the stacks of paperwork I’ve saved with personal information and see what I need to save and what can be destroyed.
    I was on a good eating plan for a while. I just really got rid of things like bread, juice, cookies…all of that baked and junk stuff. Then I kind of bounded back. I need to get it under control again.
    Jen recently posted…Thinking About All FiftyMy Profile

    • It’s such a nice feeling to get rid of the extra baggage in life! I’m planning to donate whatever doesn’t sell so once it’s out of the house it’s gone forever! Good luck on your paperwork purge!

  4. weight Watchers has changed my life. I hit my goal weight in jan 2013 after losing 50 lbs!! I’ve kept it off!! It took me a good bit to lose it but it was because it was a lifestyle change and not a drastic diet…just like you mentioned. WW gave me a life that I enjoy. Been WW and RunDisney, I’m happier at 46 than I’ve ever been in my life.

    • My mom had a lot of success with Weight Watchers. I can’t seem to stick to it very long, I’m just way too hungry on it. RunDisney is an awesome motivator though!! Congratulations on hitting your goal weight and keeping it off!!

  5. Love this!! I’m working on only eating one sweet a day, but I blew that today. I did really great except for today, so I’m just gonna keep on keeping on for the rest of the week! And since I cannot run but I am allowed to use other machines, I’m going to try and focus on more strength exercises and spend some more time in the gym to make up for the fact that I’m not running.

    Great work this week!! Enjoy the party 🙂
    Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom recently posted…The Official DiagnosisMy Profile

    • Good job on sticking with the not-running! It’s so hard to take a break from running when you have an injury. Hope you find some machines that you enjoy. I do think that strength training helps a lot with not getting injured, but it’s the first thing I skip when my life gets too busy!

  6. April – congrats on your victories! I’m impressed with your stick to it ness! I bought that same book (New Rules of Weight lifting for Women) but got side tracked with P90x3. So far enjoying that – but once Dopey training kicks in, may have to go to a 3 day a week plan like you’re doing. I’m very interested in your running / speed work and may have to take a look at the book you were recommended for that. I am determined to hit a sub 2 hour 1/2 and need the tools to do it. In terms of diet, I had a lot of success following the Body for Life plan which seems similar to what you may be doing. 6 “smaller” meals a day… all that included carbs and protein and at least two the incorporated veggies. Good luck! Keep on keeping on!

    • Thanks! I’ve been interested in the P90x videos too, but I’m enjoying the strength training (so far) from the book. I love the really specific workout plans. The less I have to think about, the better! It seems like more and more diets are trending towards the 6 meals and lower/better carbs as the base. Good luck with your speed goals!!

  7. Hey, any loss is in the right direction, plus a NSV is awesome!

    I also just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster award in my last blog post!

    Lauren recently posted…Liebster Award!My Profile