WDW Star Wars Races!

Just announced: WDW Star Wars Races (this is where I get to say “I told you so!”)!  Way back in May 2014, right after runDisney announced the first Star Wars Half series at Disneyland, I put together some wishful thinking, speculation and hints to come up with this post where I guessed that there would be a runDisney Star Wars race series at WDW as well.


Over the last few months, we’ve seen more and more rumors and unofficial hints that this wish might just come true!

And with today’s announcement, thousands of East Coast Star Wars fans rejoiced!  Here are the details:


from: runDisney

And there will be a challenge!


from: runDisney

I’m a little surprised (and disappointed) that it’s not a night-time race (to go with the Dark Side theme) but April usually has great weather, so hopefully the early morning races will work out fine.

Most exciting for me (since I’m doing the West Coast version this year) there will be a special Star Wars themed Coast to Coast!  Learn more about this awesome Kessel Run Challenge on my fellow Jedi-in-training’s blog My No Guilt Life.

What’s it going to cost you?  Ouch!  But not unexpected.


from: runDisney

Registration for the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend opens September 22, 2015 (AP and DVC members will likely have early registration one week before then, so mark your calendars)!

So, are you already planning your race costume?  I know I am!  I hope to see you there!


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