Weekly Update – Holiday Edition

Current Weight: 176.8  
 – From Last Week – 0 pound loss
 – From Highest Weight –  57.2 pound loss

This is astoundingly good news because:

  • I got Eli’s cold and when I’m sick I eat goldfish, pringles and drink gatorade.
  • I also don’t work out when I’m sick.
  • My work hit an insane stress peak this week.
  • Holiday party at work.  With the best mac & cheese ever!  Ok, I admit it, I think all mac & cheese is the best ever!

In other words, I expected another gain and breaking even is really a win after the week I had!   I’ll be starting my runs and strength training again tomorrow.  I did a great job with eating well when I had the willpower to do so and I had no diet mtn dew again! 

I really want to get on a serious healthy eating program again, but I know all these upcoming holiday parties and celebrations are highly likely to derail me.  So, I’m going to do the eat well when I’m able to and indulge when it’s worth it until Christmas.  December 26th will be the official start of my real healthy eating plan.

So, what should it be? 

  • Paleo:
    • Pros: No calorie or points counting.  Healthy food focus. 
    • Cons: No legumes, really???  I love peanut butter, black beans and black eyed peas…
  • South Beach:
    • Pros: Has been successful for me in the past.  No calorie or points counting.  Reduces my carb cravings.
    • Cons: Hard to be strict on this while doing long distance running.  I love fruit. 
  • Weight Watchers:
    • Pros: Moderation, healthy food, “smart” program, portion control.
    • Cons:  I detest, hate and can’t stand point counting.  And I’m always hungry on WW.
  • Calorie Counting:
    • Pros: Flexible, logical, portion control.
    • Cons: I detest, hate and can’t stand calorie counting.  And it makes me hungry.
  • Whole Foods (April’s Version):
    • Pros: This is my don’t eat crap diet that involves only eating things that aren’t processed.  Brown rice, low-carb pasta, lean meats, veggies, fruits, peanut butter…  No sugar, chips, fried foods, crap.
    • Cons:  I’m not sure if it actually works.

I need help!  Please give me your advice, experience and suggestions for what plan to follow.  I’ve lost the ability to make my own mind up on this one!


Weekly Update – Holiday Edition — 8 Comments

  1. Well, this would be a bit like the blind leading the blind if I gave you advice! LOL. My problem with Lower carbs (I’ve done every single thing up above in your list except WW) is that it only works if you are going to do it forever. The moment you add carbs in, you gain it all back. Also, I’m just not sure you can train and eat less carbs. I don’t like counting calories either, but it’s the only thing that has actually worked for me, so I continue to do it. I’m maintaining this way but not losing. I think your idea looks good, if you aren’t sure if it will work, I think you should put it into action and test it out! Sorry things are so crazy for you! I am having my quiet-before-the-storm-week, starting next week thru the new year I will be slammed with work and you’ll have to come searching for me! 😉

    • I’ve had both experiences on South Beach, I’ve lost most of my weight on phase 2 of south beach and it didn’t jump right back on when I wavered, and when I did the gestational diabetes diet during my pregnancy with Eli, I maintained my weight the whole pregnancy without being hungry at all (so I effectively lost 30lbs during that pregnancy). But more recently, when I’ve done South Beach, I’ve gained it back quickly when I added carbs back… More and more I’m convinced it’s just a mental mindset and it doesn’t matter which diet I pick, I just have to get my brain in the right place somehow. I’ve been there before…

  2. My vote is for Paleo, with a switch to Almond butter over peanut butter. Takes some getting used to, but it’s pretty good. I hear you on the black beans. We haven’t gone all the way Paleo at our house (right now we are as far from it as we can without eating sugar right out of the jar) But I am convinced we would all feel much better if we did.

    • I literally laughed out loud at the sugar right out of the jar comment, since I was slathering cream cheese icing on sugar cookies to snack on about an hour ago! Anyone know WHY black beans and black eyed peas aren’t allowed on Paleo?

  3. Sorry you had been sick. Hope you are feeling better! (I love gold Fish crackers too). I’ve never done any “diets”. I think the best way is just making small changes at a time. Just make smart choices ( I know that is easier said then done). Sorry I am not much help, but whatever you are doing seems to be working for you!

    • Thanks! I’m not very good at the small changes method of anything (my mom says I don’t know what “moderation” means) but you’re probably right!

  4. Hope you’re feeling better now!

    I have to say the same thing as Karen about the low carbs thing. Did it once and will never do it again. The only thing I do is eat as much real “whole” food as I can and keep track of it all in MyFitnessPal. It does the counting for me. 🙂

    • Thanks, I’m 90% better, but it’s still hanging out in my sinuses. I’m going to try a whole foods (clean eating) plan starting 12/26. Between now and then, I’m going to work on adding in more whole foods and then after Christmas, I’ll cut out the junk. I just can’t bring myself to track calories/points yet. If this clean eating plan doesn’t get me results, that’s my last resort plan.