Wordless Wednesday: This Is Really Good!

For today’s Wordless Wednesday linkup with Focused on the Magic, the topic is This Is Really Good!  If you know how much I love Walt Disney World, you know that I have a lot of “This Is Really Good!” moments.  Here are just a few of them:

The mini-kitchen sink from Beaches & Cream.


IMG_3386Milestones!  Eli’s first visit and first haircut!IMG_3390

Family fun.

Even trying Beverly (that child has some strange taste buds!).

IMG_3050And personal achievements!



Wordless Wednesday: This Is Really Good! — 17 Comments

    • It’s the mini-kitchen sink from Beaches and Cream and the Beach and Yacht Club. You can actually get that one to go from the walk up window and you get to keep the Mickey pants bowl!

    • We had four people and didn’t even come close to finishing it! Maybe four adults right after a big race!

    • Thanks! That barber shop is one of those places where it feels like you can find some of the original magic of Disney. Reasonably priced, not too hyped and lots of special magic.